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Fitted furniture appraisal

When a customer turns to us to do the appraisal of fitted furniture the most important things to determine are: style of furniture, range, amount and kind(s) of materials we will have to use. The appraisal is drawn up on the basis of certain design assumptions - when it comes to fitted furniture, it is almost impossible to talk about costs without having all the specifics worked out. 

Appraisal during consultation. 

To do a thorough and adequate appraisal, adapted to a customer’s needs we strongly encourage everyone to visit us personally. At our office we can discuss the design, its key points and suggest some solutions adjusted to your expectations. We can show you some sample materials, templates, accessories, our designs and works. We really encourage you to open communication.

If there is no time for that. Below you can see a short guideline that may help you get us the most important information for the appraisal.

If there is no rush:

  1. Send us the design or draft – it can be done by yourself. Just remember to mark doors, windows and the most important connections (water, electricity, etc.) Some examples below. 
  2. Give us the approximate wall dimensions, furniture will be fitted to
  3. Determine style of the kitchen and types of door fronts: lacquered, MDF, embossed MDF, wood, veener, metal, aluminum or mixed fronts:
    http://jtprojekt.com.pl/eng/home,12,furniture fronts.html
    http://jtprojekt.com.pl/eng/home,23,laminated boards.html
  4. Determine type of kitchen countertops: stone or laminated
    http://jtprojekt.com.pl/home,9,kitchen countertops.html
  5. Define a range of additional furnishings and accessories: handle types, number/type of drawers, cargo storage, glass, lighting, decorations, etc.
    http://jtprojekt.com.pl/home,33,furniture glass.html
    http://jtprojekt.com.pl/home,34,furniture accessories and ornaments.html
  6. Determine type(s) of home appliances – freestanding oraz built-in
  7. If you do not have either a finished design or a draft, just provide us with the most information possible. Particularly important are: dimensions of the furniture to be fitted or a projection of the room and information about your expectations. 

Please remember to also include your phone number

Lead time. It depends on the scale of a project, level of its complexity, and materials to be used. In some cases we can talk about a whole process being divided into stages. Usually it takes from 4 to 6 weeks.

If you do not know know how to get down to it

The easiest way is to set up a meeting with us, so we could do the measurements ourselves and settle all the necessary details concering drawing up designs and furniture installation/disassembly. In order to do that, contact us using the above phone numbers.


Check us yourself – Tomasz Kuźmicz – owner. 



furniture installation drafts - examples



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