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Architecture and interior design

Since 1992, we have been manufacturing furniture which gave us an opportunity to get familiar with branches related to that industry: construction, sanitary installation, etc. That knowledge helps us improve our skills in making furniture. Being acquainted with the basics of those branches lets us also predict, what may happen during the whole process of working, meaning we are prepared to take the most unusual orders.

We offer help with furniture design and arranging interiors to make everything easier and chaper. We do not hire subcontractors from outside our firm, because we know from the experience that it often leads to misunderstandings and mistakes. We want to eliminate them to provide our customers with the best service possible.  

We start designing an interior from the ground up; choosing wall, tile, and furniture coloring. By doing that we are sure all the important parts, like installations and accessories will be put in the right place to match our furniture. It saves us precious time which we can then use to focus on the important aspect of working out all details from the beginning to the very end. You probably know the saying „Time is money”. That is true, but for us time is our life, family. It is what we value most, so do not let it go to waste. J&T Projekt.

Experience: OVER 20 years in furniture industry 

We design: Non-standard & Fitted Furniture

Why us: Fresh and interesting ideas. High quality workmanship. Hunger for knowledge and self-improvement. Always meeting deadlines. Comprehensive services – from early designs to the end result. No subcontractors – meaning no delays and misunderstandings – one person responsible for the whole process. Extensive technical knowledge concerning production and pre-production processes. Willingness to work and create something from nothing. Implementation of new solutions. That is just J&T Projekt.

Drawing up design projects. Supervision services for finishing works.
Searching for materials and firms. Overseeing others’ work.

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