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Our firm was set up to provide a wide variety of services concerning design and production all kinds of furniture, and what is most important fitted furniture. 

We have been working in furniture industry since 1992 which enabled us to develop extensive knowledge and gain valuable experience in that field. 

We deal with all kinds of non-standard orders including: kitchen, bathroom, hallway, living-room, office furniture, cupboards, wardrobes, bookshelves, and many other pieces of furniture for households and public institutions. Our offer also covers designing and renovating furniture.

Our main strength is production of non-standard items which are hard to manufacture or find on a secondary market. Thanks to years of experience in furniture industry, deep knowledge of its branches and familiarity with current technologies no task is too difficult for our team to accomplish.

A wide palette of materials, furniture acccessories and our knowledge enable us to take up even the most unusual orders… 

We offer a range of help with delivery and all kinds of furniture installation and disassembly. If necessary, we also do repairs, alterations and renovation, because sometimes with only small dose of changes old furniture can be given a second life and will serve us next few years.  

We serve customers from Poland and UE…

Check us yourself   Tomasz Kuźmicz – owner. 


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